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Stories of Pets We Have Loved and Lost

I am slowly collecting stories and photos of dogs, cats, and all other pets that we have lost. Whether it is because of illness, tradgedy, or old age, our pets may have passed on, but not in our hearts. They live with us in our memories, that way they never really die. This is my little section of memories of some of the angels I have made pet urns for. They are all sweet, darling, wonderful. And so is your angel. Always and forever...

A sweet, sweet darling dog. Who loves purple.

*Old Love is the Best Love
There is something so beautiful about the love of older pets.

*The Letters I Wrote When I Lost My Angel Peekay
A little part of my own journey. Just looking back at losing my best friend.

Just a teeny tiny little pup. you just want to curl him up in your arms.

My sister loves Corgies. Just looking at Scooter, you know why...

Sometimes the loss of a pet carries so much more weight...

*Some Lovely, Wonderful Kitties
A gathering of a couple of perfect kitties I have made pet urns for.

*A Maggie is a Wonderful Thing
A pair of Maggies, related in name only. (and love)

*A Collection of Memories
A collection of memorials from my former guest book. I want them to stay remembered...

*Big Easy
A big name for a little kitty.

Big. Bold. Beautiful.

A little dog with a big name.

Just a happy kitty.

Pretty Polly.

*Harvey Mushman

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