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The Experience Gallery

This article was for their "Out of the Ordinary" edition.

An excerpt: A lot of things come manufactured these days. Everything you make seems to be original, why is it important to make original pieces?

They make factory direct pet urns… Something that is hand made is more real. You don’t want to buy something factory direct to put something you love in. A lot of times when I do custom pieces I don’t even do sketches or anything like that. They just tell me what they want and I make it; after I talk to them for a while somehow my subconscious gets some aspect of the connection or their personality and I am creating something that comes out that is completely unique. When I ship it to them they tell me that it is exactly what they had in mind even though there was no visual connection.

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Pet Urns at the Brewery Art Colony

A video of me at work at the Brewery Art Colony. Please excuse the Desperate Housewives comment! :) It's a great insight into living as an artist. The photographer is Angelica Bonomo.

urn featured in play

"Padua Playwrights Presents ""A Thousand Words"

Date: Friday June 13 - 26, 2008
A Thousand Words -an innovative evening of 9 new short plays inspired by the artwork of some of Downtown's leading visual artists. Pairing 9 visual artists with 9 playwrights, 9 directors, 14 actors, 3 designers and a composer; this 90-minute event explores the creative possibilities of over 40 artists collaborating across disciplinary boundaries and celebrates the ongoing legacy of artistic cross-pollination in downtown Los Angeles.
Urn 4 U
Welder is in the business making memorial urns but when her close friend requests one, she is abruptly confronted by her inability to deal with death. Help comes from an unexpected source. In her journey of self-discovery, Welder finds compassion for those she loves and comes to terms with the emotion she was putting underground. A metaphor for process in art, Urn 4 U reveals our ghosts and puts them to rest.
Artist: Alexandra Koiv
Title: Memory
Medium: Mild steel
Size: 6” x 6” x 28”
Date: 2008
Play: Urn 4 U
Playwright: Alex Forman
Director: Alex Adrian Cruz
Senior Welder - Gregory Littman
Painter - Tina Preston
Wife, the Welder - Caroline Duncan
Writer’s note: Sculptor/welder Alexandra Koiv is making a commemorative urn for her close friend, a painter. Urn for You was inspired by their relationship and is about the gradual changes we go through in processing life, death and art.

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