Hand Painted Pet Urns

A beautiful memorial.

All of these pet urns are hand painted to order by one of our fabulous artists. You can select from realistic portraits, cute cartoon dogs and cats, or select from one of our beautifullly stunning hand painted nature series.

Please note that I am working on this page this week, so all links are not yet available. Also we will be uploading 8 more painted urns next week. But if you have a request, please do let us know!

"Thank you."

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ferril garden urn 1
Desert Garden Urn 1
Tall Ocean Sunset Urns
Tall Ocean Sunset Urn
ferril hibiscus pet urn
Hibiscus Pet Urn
sun garden pet urn
Sun Garden Urn 2
mochi cat urns
New! Mochi Kitty Urn
Flow Pet Urn
Flow Pet Urn
ferril sunset urn
Naughty Kitty Cat Urn
Painted Puppy Dog Urn
Painted Puppy
mochi dog urns
New! Mochi Puppy Urn
painted kitty urn
The Painted Kitty
pouncy kitty cat urn
Pouncy Kitty Cat Urn
eternal wave pet urn
Eternal Wave Pet Urn
painted flower pet urn
Painted Lotus Pet Urn
painted flower pet urn
A Day at the Beach Pet Urn
ocean sunset pet urn
Ocean Sunset Pet Urn
sunflower pet urn
Sunflower Pet Urn
ferril sunset urn
Naughty Puppy Dog Urn
tennis ball pet urn
Ball Urns
ferril sunset urn
Red Sunset Urn
mochi dog urns
Pink Mochi Puppy Urn
mochi dog urns
Pink Mochi Puppy Urn

The artist creates.

I am representing two wonderful painters who are creating works of art on these pet urns. Each of these urns is painted by hand by the artist. After they are painted they are sealed with a polyurethane finish. We do not suggest these urns for outdoor use, unless you are committed to resealing the urns as needed. But they will be a wonderful memorial to keep on a mantel or, as they are so decorative as well, even out on the coffee table. People will look at them as art, and you only need to tell them what it is if you like.

Happy memories. That is what I wish to offer you with these urns. I know that might be so hard to hear now, while you are in your grief, your loss. But the happy memories WILL come back. I promise you. That is why we have all this love and sadness anyways, because of the happiness. It seems so odd, that now we have to carry this sadness that is in direct relation to that happiness. But it is what life is. I hope you know, somewhere deep down, that the happy memories will come back. I hope one of these urns will help you connect with that knowledge.

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