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Learn About The Loss of a Pet

These urns are very often also used for human ashes. In regards to size, I can alter the urns so the ashes will all fit. If you are just looking for a keepsake sized urn, or plan on dividing or scattering the ashes, then I recommend that you go by what you visually prefer.

This is a collection of resources for you to learn about the loss of your pet. We suffer so much pain when our pet dies. It is helpful to understand our emotions, what to do when it happens, and steps to take.

This page contains an ever-growing list of articles which focus on the loss of your pet, pet urns, pet memorials, the grieving process, information on cremation, and also some articles and information that will simply lighten your heart in your time of grief. For more healing articles go to The Pet Loss Healing Center

*What to do at The Time of Your Pet's Death
Tips to prepare yourself and be ready to handle the moment your pet passes.

*Scattering Your Pet's Ashes
Scattering your pet's ashes is a wonderful way to 'set them free'.

*Preparing for the Death of Your Loved Pet
Knowing the end is approaching can give you a wonderful opportunity for closure, and to get present to what really is important.

*Why We Suffer After the Loss of Our Pets
Suffering is a natural part of the grieving process. Just some thoughts...

*Thoughts on Getting a New Pet After Your Pet Dies
A new love is never a replacement for old love.

*Healing After the Death of a Pet
Visit the Healing Center to find ways to take care of yourself and your family after the death of a pet.

*A Glossary of Common Death Related Terms
To help you be a little bit more knowledgeable in this difficult time.

*How to Choose an Urn for your Pet
It's a hard time, but you can simplify your choices when looking for a pet urn.

*How to Choose an Urn for your Pet, more...
A little bit more advice in choosing a pet urn.

*How to Create an Altar for your Pet
Some simple ideas you can use to create a memorable reminder of your love of your pet.

*How to Write a Poem for your Pet
A poem is a great way to deal with the loss of your pet. Here are some ideas to help you deal with your mourning.

*Create a Pet Memorial Service
Ideas on creating a personal memorial serivice for your pet.

*My Little Secret
Even for me, this process is hard. I cannot even make that decision for myself, so I am so impressed that my customers can.

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