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Pet Urn Custom Addition Page

Like the Angel Puppy Urn, but want to add a bow? Now you can add custom details to all my spherical urns, by simply adding what you would like from the options below!

"Hi Alexandra, We received Polly's urn today and I cried when I saw was so perfect for her. It was more special than I ever imagined thanks to all the extra's you did to personalize it. We really want to thank you for making this difficult process easier for us. You are such a wonderful, caring person and I am so happy that we found your website. We looked at so many urns for Polly and all of them were so generic and cold. The urn you crafted for Polly was unique and special just as she was. When we look at it, we can actually see Polly squinting her eyes and coming towards us with kisses (her favorite thing to do.) And the pink you added to the bow and the base was perfect! Thank you for taking the time to do that as I know that had never been requested before. You have a very special talent and we are very proud that your creation will be Polly's special resting place. Warmest regards"

Click on the add to cart button for your custom pet urn.
If you found this page first and would like to get a custom pet urn, please return to the pet urns page and choose the urn you like. Then come back here and make it truly unique.

(You can add any of the below to any of the existing Spherical Urns.)
Pet Urn Name Tag Hook Name Tag Hook $10
So you can keep your pet's old name tags with you always...
  Tail (for dog or cat or bunny urn, bunny's will be round, of course.) $15
cat urn with candle
An expressive tail is an important thing...
cat's meow with wings Fluffy Tail $20
cat's tail
Those pets with fluffy tails know it!
cat's tail and whiskers Angel Wings $20
cat's tail and whiskers
Because they are all angels...
cat's tail and whiskers Tinkerbell Wings $30
The fairy version of our wings...
cat's tail and whiskers 3-D Whiskers $20
cat's tail and whiskers
Adds a bit of character...
cat's meow with wings Tea Light Holder $15
candle holder urn
So you can light a flame in your pet's honor...
cat's meow with bow Girlie Bow $15
candle holder urn
The girlie one's know who they are...
cat's meow with bow Tiara $30
Some dogs and cats are princes and princesses...
bling urn extras Bling - varies  
Add some bling with your love...
cat urn with candle Raised Kitty Ears $25
An expressive ear can tell you a lot...
raised puppy ears on urn Raised Puppy Ears $38
raised puppy ears on urn
Remember how your dog loved their ears rubbed...
angel wings with color Wing Color Lowlights $20
Great to match collar or eye color...
Silver/Pewter Patina $25
candle holder urn

Fourth Paw $15

Custom Urn Addition $10
$10 Custom Addition

Custom Urn Addition $20
$20 Custom Addition

Custom Urn Addition $30
$30 Custom Addition

Custom Urn Addition $40
$40 Custom Addition

Custom Urn Addition $50
$50 Custom Addition

Extra Lettering (check with me first) $15

Extra Lettering (check with me first) $20

Outdoor Marine Varnish Finish $15

Golden Patina $25

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