One of a Kind Pet Urns

Pet urns for the truly unique...

These pet memorial urns are simply one of a kind. Each urn or memorial is hand crafted by the artist and is completely unique. There will be no other on like it. If you are looking for something that is also an investment in a work of art, this page is for you.

metal palm pet urn
Raw Finish Urn
on a base pet urn
Base and Candle Holder Added
dog food bowl pet urn
Favorite Object Urn
names and keepsake pet urn
All Symbolically Together Urn
companion pet urn
Companion Urn
folk style pet urn
Folksy Urn
cheshire cat pet urn
Cheshire Cat Urn
cheshire cat pet urn
Cheshire Cat Urn
different color pet urn
Change the Color
add candleholders and different color pet urn
Color and Candleholders Urn
different color bling pet urn
Bling Color of your Choice Urn
custom text pet urn
Custom Text on Urn
text options pet urn
Text Options on Urn
more text options on pet urn
More Text on Urn
couch/toy/portrait pet urn
Couch/Toy/Portrait Combo Urn
two part vessel pet urn
Bowl and LId Urn
gold leaf pet urn
Gold Leaf on Urn
palm pet urn
Palm and Bling Combo Urn
ground down text pet urn
Grunge Text on Urn
Box stand pet urn
Combination Urn
silver and purple pet urn
Any color You Like Urn
two painted pet urns
Combine Paintings on Urns
crazy color pet urn
Crazy Colors Urn
stand for your pet urn
Pet Urn Stand
custom letter pet urn
Custom Letter on Urn
pair of portraits pet urns
Urns in Pairs
 more companion pet urns
Companion Urns
black pet urn
Black Kitty Urn
vessel pet urn
vessel pet urn
oops… :)

This page is a collection of some of the one of a kind pet urns we have created. These urns are here to help you get some ideas of what you can do to personalize your urn.

I do not reproduce these urns exactly, but I can absolutely work off some of the concepts and ideas to help you create your very own urn. What a way to honor a pet!

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