Sculptural Memorial Urns

Pet urns for any of your little pets.

"Dear Alexandra: As with other people who have received one of your pet urns, I too must let you know how pleased I am with the urn you specially created for my cat Hamilton. When it arrived in the mail and I opened it, I was totally satisfied. It is everything that your website portrays it to be and much, much more. I consider it to be not only the final resting place for my cat, but a treasured piece of artwork. I have and will recommend your website to those who may need your special services. Again, many thanks to you for providing a great product, comfort and wit to those of us who choose to keep our pet's memory alive. Again, many thanks."

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keepsake candle urns
Flower in the Garden Urn
keepsake candle urn
"Vase 1" Urn
sculptural cremation urns
Grace Urn
one of a kind butterfly urn
Butterfly Urn
steven's memorial urn
The Stevens Urn
sun garden pet urn
Sun Garden Urn 2
Spark of Life Urn by James Hill
Spark of Life
angel pet memorial urn
Gothic Angel Urn
sculpture memorial
"Boat" Urn
sculpture memorial
Gothic Letters Urn
flight cremation urn
Flight Urn
silver grace memorial urns
Silver Grace
sculpture memorial
Memory Garden Urn
sculpture memorial
Gothic Cross Urn
Vessel Sculpture by James Hill
Celtic Cross Angel Sculpture Urn
Celtic Cross Angel Urn
sculpture memorial
Memory Urn
traversa cross urn
Traversa Pet Urn
bliss memorial pet urn
Bliss Urn
Flora Sculpture Urn
Flora Sculpture Urn
keepsake candle urn
Genie Urn
beauty memorial pet urns
Curled Leaf Urn
memory garden memorial pet urn
Memory Garden 2 Urn
one of a kind 5in multi flower pet urn
Large Multi Flower Urn
dancing flowers pet urns
Dancing Flowers Pet Urn
princess bling memorial pet urn
Princess Bling Urn
peace memorial pet urn
Peace Pet Urn
asian wave pet urn
Asian Wave Pet Urn
asian woods pet urn
Asian Woods Pet Urn
asian water pet urn
Asian Water Pet Urn
Desktop Photo pet urn
Desktop Photo Pet Urn
sculpture memorial
Eternal Urn
Butterfly 3 Pet Urn
Butterfly 3 Pet Urn
ocean memorial urn
Ocean Urn
one of a kind butterfly urn
Butterfly Urn 4
double memorial urn
Doble Urn
featured pet urns
Candelabra Pet Urns
one of a kind tori pet urn
Tori Pet Urn
one of a kind douple tall keepsake urn
Double Tall Keepsake Urn
beauty memorial pet urns
Beauty Urn
one of a kind flower keepsake pet urn
Pretty Flowers Pet Urn
sculpture memorial
Genie in the Lamp Urn
gentle leaf memorial pet urn
Gentle Leaf Urn
gentle leaf memorial pet urn
Autumn Leaves Urn
Tall Ocean Sunset Urns
Tall Ocean Sunset Urn
one of a kind butterfly urn
Butterfly Urn 2
Pet Memorial Candle
Pet Memorial Candle
Pet Memorial Candle
Pet Memorial Candle II
Flow Pet Urn
Flow Pet Urn
sculpture memorial
Flower Garden Urn
one of a kind pet urns
One of a Kind Pet Urns
bling pet urns
Bling Pet Urns

Memorial Sculpture Pet Urns

I look at these urns as, first, a work of art, then an urn. These pet urns are created to sit beautifully in your home. Often people are not comfortable having something that says 'urn' displayed so prominently in their house. And so these pet urns can be placed anywhere. They are meant to beautify your home with the joy of the momory of your little one. That in death, they still bring warmth, love, and beauty to your heart.

I am offering a wide range of sculptures in this section. Selecting a pet urn is a very personal and subjective experience. It is my goal to have a range of art that is broad enough to fit any home wonderfully. And to fit any pet personality as well. Every pet is and amazing, unique character, with his or her amazing, unique personality. So, from serene to humorous, elegant to cute, sleek to furry, these pet urns reflect the many, many personalities of you and your pet. And if ever you cannot find something here, please do let me know. All the artists are creating pet urns on order and would love to work with you in coming up with something unique and one of a kind.

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