Dog Memorial Urns

Pet urns for your little furry barking one.

"Today we had notification from Parcel Force that the urn for Tess had arrived and could be collected.   I collected the package and with a certain amount of apprehension together my wife and I opened up the parcel.   Wow!  What we found was the most wonderful image of our beloved friend and companion Tess at rest and at peace on a pillow - a wonderful resting place for our beautiful dog who gave us so much love and pleasure during the thirteen years and eight months she was with us.   Please convey our sincere thanks and gratitude to Steve for creating the most wonderful resting place for our beloved friend and companion, Tess.  And a big thank you to you Alex for making it possible.   Tess will remain with us for the rest of our days.   Again a big thank you"

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dog cremation urn
Sleeping Dog Urn
ceramic dog urn
Ceramic Dog Urn
girl dog memorial urn
Clara Bow Urn
mochi dog urns
New! Mochi Urn
Painted Puppy Dog Urn
Painted Puppy
sleeping dog urn with pillow
Sleeping Dog on Pillow
dog cremation urn
Angel Puppy Urn
Painted Puppy Dog Urn
Painted Puppy
copper sleeping dog urn
Copper Sleeping Dog Urn
Painted Dog Memorial Urn
The Painted Puppy Urn
sculpture memorial
Memory Garden Urn
Painted Dog Portrait Urn
The Painted Puppy Urn
silver sleeping dog urn
Silver Sleeping Dog Urn
simple dog urn
Diggety Dog Urn
one of a kind chihuahua pet urn
Baby Dog
hanging dog memorial urn
Pendant Pup
one of a dog flowerurn
Puppy Flower Urn
dog cremation urn
Painted Puppy Dog Urn
golden retreiver cremation urn
Golden Retreiver Urn
painted dog urn
The Painted Puppy Urn
poodle cremation urn
Poodle Pup Urn
two part dog cremation urn
Petal Puppy
ferril sunset urn
Naughty Puppy Dog Urn
painted puppy urn
The Painted Puppy Urn
painted puppy 2
The Painted Puppy Urn
painted puppy urn
The Painted Puppy Urn
brass dog urn
Elongated Sleeping Dog Urn
baby dog urn
Baby Dog with Custom Ears

Dogs, Dogs, and more Dogs.

I love dogs. I mean, I really love dogs. They steal my heart every time. I can never pass one on the street without seeing if it needs help. I know every dog that receives one of these urns for his or her Rainbow Bridge home has been loved and has had a wonderful life with a loving owner. I just know it. And it makes me feel so very good. Anyone who cares enough afterwards has cared enough during life.

These dog urns we create are focused to bring memories of joy, not sorrow. A reminder of the happy, loving heart of the little (or not so little) soul who loved you so very much. I hope you can find something that is appropriate.

If you would like a very special unique urn, and you have lost your dog to cancer, I have created a special series of urns for the National Canine Cancer Foundation. They do amazing work, and I honored to support them with my work. You can see the urns at:

NCCF Store: Pet Urns

And please, do not feel rushed. Take your time. Choosing a pet urn is not necessarily easy. People sometimes feel pressure to just keep the ball rolling, 'move on with it'. We can't always do that. Sometime, the time just needs to be right. The perfect example of someone who has had a difficult time with transferring ashes into an urn is, well, me. I still have my little darling Peekay's ashes in the tin can they came in from the cremation company. I creat pet urns for a living. It is my love and my passion. And yet, I still cannot bring myself to make an urn for Peekay. Maybe it is because I actually make the urns. I do not know. I just wanted to share this with you, so maybe you won't feel so alone.

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