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Why our pet urns are different:

I know there are so many choices for pet urns out there. There are so many different ways to go. Our urns simply fit into one of the categories. We create from the heart. Each urn is handmade to be a work of art, first and foremost. You man not need that. You may not be interested in that. But it is what we do. I created this website to encompass more than just making a purchase of a pet urn. I created it to help in the complete process of closure. This site and our urns are created with the idea of connection in the whole process. I really don't want you to buy something that is mass produced. Not for your pet. The human connection, the human/animal connection, that we are all connected in love is what it is all about. It is what I stand for. In good days and bad. Sometimes we forget. But it is always there. If you wish to have your pet's memorial created in a place of love and beauty, I hope this is the place for you.

All of what we do is for the love of our pets, the love of art, and the love of all things beautiful, unique and special. Just like your little one was.

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"Sometimes it is difficult for me to get started to work. I have seen my inhibitions rise up on occasion and have wondered why. When I create freely, say a new design, or a one of a kind urn, it flows. But sometimes I get stopped when creating an order that has a name attached to it.

I finally figured out why the other day. It is the desire to do them justice. The
need to do them justice. It is a weight of responsibility to each pet, the love that they generated out into the world, and the importance of honoring that love.

I want to make sure I do the best job possible. It is so important to honor our loved ones, and I want to honor each and every one.

Now that I have recognized where this inhibition comes from I can take it and transform it. Take that love and create it in the work consciously, not just subconsciously, and let it grow from there, in the knowledge that I can do them justice. I can honor them by creating a beautiful final resting place.

It feels wonderful."

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