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"This only happened today, so I am not sure of which urn to get, your urns are beautiful. I will be in touch for sure. My memorial is for Tudy - thank you for singing my favourite song for 19 years - I will always hear it in my heart XX - mommy"

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castle pet urn
gingerbread urn
Gingerbread House Urns
custom tinkerbell urn
Tinkerbell Urn
custom bear urn
Couch Urns
modern braille urn
Modern Braille Urn
tennis ball pet urn
Ball Urns
drum set cremation urn
Personal Sculpture Urns
drum set cremation urn
Custom TV Urn for a customer
shoe shaped pet urn
Custom Shoe Urn for a customer
crown pet urn
Custom Crown Pet Urn
crown pet urn
Custom Crown Urn for a customer
simple couch pet urn
Couch Urn Alternative

Your want a truly custom urn? Something that perfectly personalizes your relationship with your pet? We can work together to create an urn that is like no other. I would be happy to create something that is completely unique to your pet.

All I need are some ideas to work with. You do not need to be an artist. Just think of those things that remind you of your dog or cat. Something they loved? Something that, whenever you look at, makes you think of "that time that he/she...", anything special at all. Or everyday. Where was his or her favorite place to sleep, favorite toy?

These urns vary in price, depending on the work involved, the size of the urn and the detail involved. All you need to do is give me an idea of the size and what you would like, and I can send you an estimate. They average $370-480 (but can range from $220-1450.)

If you would like a truly one of a kind piece, or you have something specific in mind that you would like us to create for you, please let us know by email or call 323-637-8685

After we have collaborated on the urn you simply need to click on the button below to submit your payment:

Name on Urn
cart pet urn
Custom Pet Urn for a customer
antler sconce pet urn
Antler Sconce Urn
willow pet urn
Custom Willow Urn for a customer
abstract candle pet urn
Abstract Candle Urn
horse pet urn
Horse Urn
stainless butterfly urn
Stainless Butterfly Urn

For more ideas, you can visit: one of a kind pet urns.

When we take on the responsibility of a pet, we take on the responsibility of caring them for the whole of their lives. When we first get a pet, we 'know' this, we commit to it, we know we are going to be there when they pass, but we never realize how hard that death is going to be. We think it is so far in the future, that, yes, as devastating as that death may be, we really do not know. And then it happens. And it really, really hurts. We are brave to take this on. We are brave to go through this loss. We need to be proud of ourselves that we opened up to love, even with the cost of the pain being so high. That it who a truly loving person is.

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