Cat Memorial Urns

Pet urns for your little furry purring one.

"We got Java's urn today and it is so beautiful.  We love it.  It looks like a piece of art, which it is but doing double duty as an urn.  It is by far the nicest, prettiest urn we have ever had.  It looks like it was made to go in the corner on our fireplace mantel.  It is the stunning, unique kind of tribute to Java Boy we were hoping for."

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Queenie Kitty Cat Urn
Queenie Kitty Cat Urn
Steven Shelby cat urn
Sleeping Cat Urn
The Painted Kitty Urn-9
The Painted Kitty
cat on pillow
Sleeping Cat on Pillow
Kitty Flower 2
Kitty Flower
Clara Kitty Cat Urn
Clara Kitty Cat Urn
cat's meow with wings
Angel Cat's Meow Urn
mochi cat urns
New! Mochi Urn
The Painted Kitty Urn in Black and White
Most cat urns can be in silver, too!
cat urn with candle
The Cat's Meow Urn
painted kitty urn
The Painted Kitty
copper cat urn
Copper Sleeping Cat Urn
silver sleeping cat urn
Silver Sleeping Cat Urn
kitty urn
Twinkle Toes!
ferril sunset urn
Naughty Kitty Cat Urn
memory garden memorial pet urn
Memory Garden 2 Urn
simple cat urn
Kool Kat Urn
buttercup kitty urn
Buttercup Cat Urn
The Painted Kitty Urn
The Painted Kitty
hanging urn for cats
Pendant Puss
angel kitty urn on petal
Angel Kitty on Petal
small cat cremation urn with wings
Angel Kitty Urn
tall tale cat urns
Tall Tale Cat Urn
companion cat urns flower kitty double
Flower Kitty Double

Cats, Cats, and more Cats.

Cats all have four paws, two ears, one tail, and well, that is about where the similarity ends. Anyone who has ever owned a cat (or let the cat own them, which may be more like it) knows how individual each of their personalities can be. We create a variety of cat urn designs to reflect that individuality of your kitty. I hope you can find something here which reflects the character of your little one.

These cat memorial urns are created individually for your cat. They are created in a range of materials from steel, brass, wood, and there are more urns to come. Please click on each individual cat urn to learn more about the urn itself and also to purchase the urn.

Pet urns can be used as memorial sculptures. You do not need to keep your cat's ashes in the urn. If you have scattered, or are planning to scatter their ashes, you can request an urn with no opening, and simply have it stand as a tribute to your mouse chaser. The urns with candleholders work well for this. Or if you do not have your cat's ashes, but still have his or her tags, you can get any urn with a hook to hold the tags, and then it truly becomes a pet urn sculpture that is personally connected with your kitty.

What we wish we could change. That they did not leave us. That they are still with us. That it did not happen so soon. I am so sorry that the loss is there. For now. It does take time, but you will get to a better place. You will get to that place where you can remember the joyful times more than the sad times. Our mind is so powerful that way. In creating these pet urns I am looking towards that time that you can easily remember the happy memories.

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