Companion Pet Urns

For those that loved each other.

"Thank you so much Alex!"

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double memorial urn
Doble Urn
kitty companion urn
Memory Garden Kitties Urn
steven's memorial urn
The Stevens Urn
family companion urn
Family Companion Urn
alternate stevens urn
Stevens Pet Urn
one of a kind douple tall keepsake urn
Double Tall Keepsake Urn

Multiple Pet Urns

So often we have more than one pet. And as much as we love them, we see that they love each other as well. Our pets develop a bond of family. They may be partners, they may be a pack, they just may have gone through long lives together. All of these are reasons to honor them together. A companion pet urn is perfect for this. They were together in life, they will be together in the afterlife. A companion pet urn is a wonderful symbol of that togetherness.

As you can see, I can create urns that are more than just companion urns. They can hold 3, even 4 pets. It is really up to you, however you would like to honor them. These pet urns can be customized and modified just for you. Each urn comes out a little bit differently, so each one is unique for your pets.

trio companion pet urn
Custom Trio Pet Urn for a Client
double kitty flower
Custom Double Kitty Flower for a Client
custom double urn
Custom Double Urn for a Client
custom double urn with leaves
Custom Double Urn for a Client

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