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I love this pet urn. I created on for a dog named Bear a few years ago, and since then, people have been requestion this urn quite a bit. There is room on the couch to hold toys or collars, you can even set a photo on it. I can customize the ears, or simply draw the ears like the Diggety Dog urn or the Kool Kat Urn. I can also change the design on the couch, make it a chair or bed, etc. This is just a starting point as to how we can customize the urn just for you. I am also open to any ideas of different kinds of bases. Send me an email or call 323-637-8685 and we can start working on some ideas. (for example, I did one urn, and instead of the hearts, I drew steaks, as they were his dog's favorite 'snacks'. What ideas do you have?

The cost ranges from $345-425 for a customized urn which includes customized ears and design.

For more ideas, you can visit: one of a kind pet urns.


I love you. So very much.

You are gone from me in the physical world, but in spirit, you will always be with me.

I will never forget you. I will never be without you.

You live on in my memories. You live on in my actions. I will more forward in this world knowing you are still by my side, in my heart, in my memories.

Our love is to strong to ever go away. I will let you go. For now. And I will stay strong knowing we will meet again. Our spirits will join, merge, be one.

As they were always meant to be.

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