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More tesitmonials for our pet urns...

He WAS the light of my life.. my number one son.  And I wanted to let you know it arrived and it is beautiful.  Brought tears to my eyes.  Thank you and thank Steve for creating such a wonderful "home" for my boy.

This is the second urn that I've gotten from you.  The first one was 3 years ago for my beloved Chelsea.  Halle crossed the rainbow bridge on New Years so it was only natural that she has the same beautiful memorial that Chelsea does.

Thank you so much for your kind words...I had one of your beautiful urns made for my other cat who passed away a few years back...his name was Gunther....everyone that comes over just loves the urn....for any babies that I ever own....when it is their time....I will only have urns made by you....they are simply magnificent.....

Hi Alex,  
just got the Urn it's beyond beautiful, thank you so much I can tell you put a lot of love and thought into it. I am going to update the website this week and will be adding your link as I really want to support your beautiful art.
Thank you again,  

Hey Alex,
  I got the urn yesterday and took it to the vets today to have them put Dewey in the urn.  Of course they loved it and I left some more of your business cards there with them.
  I was worried about it being smaller than my other urn, but thankfully, all of him fit in there.
  Keep up the good work.  And word of mouth is everything and I've told all that have seen it about you and your business.  Many thanks again.  And good luck in 2009 :)

Hi Alex. I just wanted to write you a little note to say THANK YOU for making our transition with KK a little easier. I think it was quite serendipitous to have found you at the "boutique" at about the same time that KK passed away. I never even saw a pet urn in my life until I saw yours. Your work is lovely and I commend you for the service that you're doing. The little bronze cat even put a smile on my husband's face. Thanx for everything!

Alex you are amazing. I just got over a healthy cry having my precious Cassous home and equally over her incredible new home. You work in unbelievable. I LOVE IT. She has the perfect place in our home and her urn accents everything beautiful and spirit just emanates from it. Thank you so much.

I received Jax's urn yesterday and could not have been more pleased by your workmanship. It is absolutely stunning and I am so grateful that I found your site on the internet. I cannot say enough about how happy I am with Jax's final resting place. Also, I wanted to comment on your lovely packaging, it shows how much care and consideration you place in your art. Thanks again - I will be happy to recommend your work to anybody.-Tonya

Alex, I have been meaning to write and thank you for your work. No excuse, just haven't done until now. He is resting comfortably in his new home. Thanks for providing a great item for pet lovers. You'll get my recommendation for anyone I know in need. Thanks again!-Brad

Dear Alexandra, Nia's urn arrived several days ago, and we are so happy with it. Thank you for making such a wonderful piece of artwork in which to house our beloved Nia's ashes. We are able to burn a candle or incense in the candle holder part, and the beautiful dark color, the heart and simple design reminds me of her spirit. Take care, and thank you again.-Audrey

Hello! I just wanted to tell you that I recieved Miles' urn today. It brought tears to my eyes to see it physically. What a beautiful job you did! My mother (ultimately his best friend, I cant deny that!) said that it was a beautiful tribute to 'our puss'. I cant get over that you made this by hand, specially for him. Everything was perfect your attention to detail was phenominal even down to the hand written note and the packaging. Thank you so much. I am a member of a groomers list (im a vet tech and a groomer too) and I am going to post your website and give a testimonial to them as a reccomendation. Unfortunently, there has been alot of pet loss lately amongst my 'groomer friends'. How wonderful it would be for me to share what I have found. Thank you again! -Christine (and Miles too...who has finally escaped his 'so so' cedar box and is in his forever monument sitting in the window, as he liked to do so much)

Dear Alexandra,I wanted to let you know that I received Stimpy's Kandle Kitty Urn. It is perfect! It is beautiful and unique....just like Stimpy! I appreciate your attention to detail. It gives us pet lovers great comfort to have such a nice resting place for our little loved ones. I like your work so much that I will probably buy some candle sculptures from you as well. Thank you again for the great work that you do. Sincerely, Brian

Hi Alex, We were out of town until today. The housesitter brougt Sissy in and she was waiting for us when we got home. The urn is beautiful. I just wanted to let you know how much we appreciate it. It's nice to have her home again. Many thanks-- Dawn

Hi Alexandra, I just have to tell you something. Mulligan died almost four years ago. I have been looking for a suitable urn the whole time. They're all so impersonal. Who feels warmth and happiness when they look at a wooden box or a marble slab? When I saw the angel puppy urn I knew immediately it would be perfect, first because it's the kind of sculpture you want to touch and hold (and Mulligan was that kind of dog), second because it makes you smile (ditto for Mulligan), third because of the angel wings (my Mully girl was and is still my angel), and fourth because you put that ingenious tag holder on the front. I've been keeping her tags and now I have somewhere to put them. The final effect is a sweet sculpture that, with the ashes inside and the tags outside, becomes a wonderful, touchable representation of the dog herself. Just wanted you to know that. I look forward to receiving it. --cheers, Kris

Hi Alex, I received Katie's urn today and I love it! It is "her". Now I have both my little darlings close by. Thanks so much for providing this wonderful service to all us pet lovers. Take care, -- Elizabeth

We really hope you never give up your work. While we obviously don't want our pets to ever leave us, knowing that your urns are available for them really makes giving them up a little more okay. It would be so hard to put one of our family in anything so cold as a vase, and your urns really have a much more personal feeling and seem much more fitting... Anyways, thank you again, take care and good luck!

Hey Alexandra, I got Stinky's urn today and it's exactly how I pictured it. I love it! Thanks so very much for the time and care that you took with the packaging and all that you did for me. He's all tucked away now and I can look at him all of the time without scaring others by seeming macabre. Anyhow, thanks again and best wishes, --- Jessica

Hi, Alex!
I received Emma's urn today. Words can not describe how lovely and unique it is. It truly suits her personality. I can't thank you enough and I'll be telling anyone I know who also loses a pet, to visit your site. Thank you, and best to you in the new year. --- Tracy

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