Curled Leaf Pet Urn

memorial curled leaf pet  urn

There is a delicate playfulness to this pet urn. It's tall and curvy, with lots of movement. The wonderful leaf shapes contrast beautifully with the wave pattern on the urn. If you like, I can also simply leave the pet urn part clean and simple, creating a more modern design. Just let me know. This is again one of my taller pet urns. It does create a presense in the room. I can also add a pet name tag hook from our custom pet urn additions that would hang wonderfully from one of the leaves above the pet urn. A brass plaque goes on the base of the urn. (5" urn shown. Urn size does change the proportion slightly.)

21"-27" tall, depending on urn size.

Each urn takes 6-8 weeks to create. I take payment by eCheck, Credit Card OR Paypal.

Please fill out the "custom name on urn" and click on "add to cart":

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To figure what size pet urn is appropriate for your needs, the weight specified is the maximum weight of your healthy pet before cremation which will fit inside the cremation urn. As cremation procedures can vary, please allow for a bit of extra room in your urn. As I offer many sizes of urns, please email me if you are having trouble deciding between urns.

I like this urn. It has a playful quality to it. It reminds me of dancing. With freedom. I am very happy the way it came out. Honestly, this was one of my one of a kind pet urns, but I liked it so much that I decided to offer it again to everybody. I hope you like it as well. I hope it gives you a joyful feeling that transcends the loss of your pet and speaks to the wonderful memory and love your pet gave you. That is what is important. That is what we need to remember...

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