Flower In the Garden Pet Urn

flower pet urn

"I just got my package and immediately put my little baby to rest in his final resting spot. Thank you so much for the wonderful work of art and skill you provide and share."

A sweet little urn to remember your sweet pet. This urn is a happy memory honoring your pet's life. Truly to remember the happy times. Shown is the keepsake urn. Please note: the proportions will change as the size goes up. The sphere in the middle will get larger, but the flower will not. A plaque at the base can hold up to 3 lines of text. This urn stands approximately 12" - 15" tall.

If you would like to pay for your pet urn with a Check or Credit Card through Paypal, please fill out the "custom name on urn" box for the appropriate sized pet urn below and click on "add to cart":

Pet Urn Sizes
Text- up to 3 lines


To figure what size pet urn is appropriate for your pet, the weight specified is the maximum weight of your healthy pet before cremation which will fit inside the cremation urn. As cremation procedures can vary, please allow for a bit of extra room in your urn.

Finding peace after the death of your pet can be hard. Their presence was with us always. Every time you come home, your cat or dog is waiting for you. Purchasing a pet urn is one way to get closure, to keep your pet memorialized. It is the physical aspect of loss. You can have the cremated ashes with you always and forever. But, there is more. There is the emotional loss. The emotional healing we need. Closure can be represented physically, with an urn, with a ritual, with photos, etc., but we need that closure with our thoughts and feelings as well. To help you get through this loss, please visit my Healing Center for Pet Loss. It will help support you in this time of grief.

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