Pet Memorial Portraits.

Hand Batiked onto silk satin.

grass dog portrait
Grass Silk Batik Portrait
white memorial portrait
White Silk Batik Portrait
sky dog portrait
Sky Silk Batik Portrait
batik on wood cat
Blue Wood Batik Portrait
batik on wood dog
Natural Wood Batik Portrait
sunny green silk portrait cat
Sunny Green Batik Portrait
dog memorial painting
Floral Batik Portrait

The Batik Pet Portrait Paintings on silk & wood

Indonesian born Batik artist Ferril Nawir is a master in this ancient artform tradition. With almost 30 years experience in this field he has transformed this art unto many different artistic expressions in the form of exclusive one of kind silk fabrics, large tapestries as well as contemporary silk batik paintings and much more. He had also pioneered, developed & transformed this art unto wood panels which has never been done before. The uniqueness of this discovery is that he is able to batik/paint images into the wood grains not as with pigments (or other media) that paints opaque images on its surface only. Thru this technique the natural beauty of the wood grains are well preserved & the batiked image integrates itself within the grains. For the past 15 years Ferril had created an array of wood batik paintings as well as wood batik panels for the Interior, Architectural & Furniture trade, producing wall & door panellings and table tops as well as bed headboards panellings. These commissioned creations can be found in the numerous Hotels found in both Bali & Jakarta, Indonesia.

His new Pet Portraitures as well as other recent silk paintings are exclusively done in this new modern Batik manner.

Due to the complex nature of this batik medium, whether a modern or traditional approach is performed, the final outcome almost always has an element of surprise. This aspect reflects greatly towards his approach & final outcome of his new pet portraiture paintings. Ferril truly captures your pet's overall spirit. This projection, feel and visual appeal is strikingly evident in the final outcome of each of his silk paintings.

I must share a delicious secret here. As I was specifically asking Ferril to create pet memorial portraits to be carried here at Custom Pet, I 'innocently' offered up pictures of my pets as samples. I must say, they have captured the soul of both my Peekay (passed on) and Marie (still here) in the most amazing way. I was just thrilled. (o.k. and maybe slighly bad) but they are gorgeous!

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