Flow Pet Urn

flora pet urn

Tall and graceful. Flowing energy towards the heavens. This lovely pet urn is lightly painted with metallic reds, glimmering greens and silver. The blue candle cups finish it off. You are absolutely welcome to request different color combinations as well. Just let me know.

* This urn comes with a brass plaque on the bottom or with my 'welded' text, if there are not more than 25 characters of text.

* Each urn comes out a little bit differently. 27"-36" tall.

Each urn takes 6-8 weeks to create. I take payment by eCheck, Credit Card OR Paypal.

Please fill out the "custom name on urn" and click on "add to cart":

Pet Urn Sizes- Select One
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To figure what size pet urn is appropriate for your needs, the weight specified is the maximum weight of your healthy pet before cremation which will fit inside the cremation urn. As cremation procedures can vary, please allow for a bit of extra room in your urn. As I offer many sizes of urns, please email me if you are having trouble deciding between urns.

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