One of a Kind Pet Urns

Pet urns for the truly unique...

"Alex, The urn arrived today, and it is beautiful!  Thank you so much."

This page is in transition. I am no longer offering premade one of a kind urns. I have found that directly creating for a customer is truly more satisfying, both for myself and the customer, who gets to feel as if they really took a part in creating the memorial for their pet. This way we get to work together to customize the urns for you.

When I create the custom pet urns on these pages I get to experience the 'flow' of art. That is when I let the creation just happen. And what comes out tends to be wonderful, as if I channeled the art from a higher source that will be the perfect final resting place for a wonderful pet. It is as if we both come together in the universe to honer your pet.

These pet memorial urns are simply one of a kind. Each urn or memorial is hand crafted by me, or one of the artists I represent, and is completely unique. There will be no other one like it. If you are looking for something that is also an investment in a work of art, allow this page to inpire you.

Please remember that these pet urns are created by hand, on order. All the artists represented here are truly skilled in their respective media. If you have and idea for a pet urn, or you would like to commission any of the artists to create a one of a kind pet urn for you, please let me know. A commissioned piece of art would be a wonderful addition to your home. What a way to honor a pet!

Some One of a Kind Pet Urns That Have Sold

Please note that some of these urns are in our regular circulation as well. A customization does not have to be a full recreation of an urn, rather it can be a small personal element incorporated into the pet urn that means something special to you, a reminder of your cat or dog, a color to match their collar, etc.

* Some ideas that incorporate a uniqueness to your urn can be found on my custom additions page. Please check it out and see if you are inspired.

* Also, if you are ready for me to create something completely from scratch, please visit my truly custom pet urns page for ideas!

one of a kind flower pet urn one of a kind leaves pet urn one of a kind grace spiral pet urn
one of a kind wind pet urn one of a kind flower pet urn one of a kind bliss leaf pet urn
one of a kind flower kitty pet urn Kitty Flower 2 grace urn
one of a dog flowerurn one of a kind flower pet urn ferril sunset urn
one of a kind genie pet urn one of a kind leaf urn emerald flower urn
one of a kind genie pet urn one of a kind flive inch leaf pet urn one of a kind time and the universe urn
one of a kind chihuahua pet urn

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