k Custom Pet Urns.Com, Instructions for Ashes.

How to place pet ashes in the urns.



Placing your pet's ashes in an Alex in Welderland Pet Urn is quite simple. It takes just a few moments and creates a permanent seal. All items needed will be provided with your urn. You can always ask your vererinarian or someone at the crematorium to place your pets ashes in the urn. pet urn instructions
1. Place ashes into urn with funnel. ashes in urn
2. Knead epoxy until blended. Please use gloves for this process. It is the only slightly toxic product I use. knesd pet urn epoxy
3. Place epoxy over teeth of cap. urn cap
4. Push cap with epoxy into opening pet urn closure
5. Wipe away excess. pet urn excess

6. This is the most important instruction: Place urn somewhere special where you will often see and remember your little one.

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