Copper Sleeping Dog Cremation Urn

Please note, as each of Steves's Copper Urns are hand hammered and shaped into the likeness of your dog, the turnaround time is approximately 8 weeks, and may go over by a week or two.

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"I received my urn today and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!! My husband and I were so happy to put Scobi in her final resting place. She has her special spot in the living room with a a small flower plant next to her. Thank you so much. Ordering, waiting, and receiving this urn has really helped me cope. Reading up on your website did too."

We are pleased to offer you new and wonderful versions of Steve's Sleeping Dog Urns. The one shown above is in copper, hand hammered from a single sheet of metal into a wonderful, stylized representation of your dog. Each of these urns are rendered from a photograph of your dog that you send us. If you don't have a photo, just let us know the breed and we can work from that as well. These dog urns are just stunning. The urn comes with a patina already on it, which you can allow to develop further, or you can polish it on occasion with a little bit of steel wool. A plaque comes with it that goes either on the bottom of the urn or on the back.

Copper Sleeping Dog Pet Urn
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Copper Sleeping Dog Pet Urn on Base
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To figure what size dog urn is appropriate for your dog, the weight specified is the maximum weight of your healthy pet before cremation which will fit inside the dog urns. Cremation procedures can vary, please allow for a bit of extra room in your urns to be on the safe side.

Once you have placed your order, simply send one or more photos to [email protected]

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