Sleeping Cat Urns with a Base

Note! Due to high demand all Sleeping Cat urns are backordered. They will take 6-10 weeks to create. We will do our best to get the to you as soon as possible, but we cannot guarantee it!!!

cat urn on walnut cat urn on pillow by Steve Shelby
cat cremation urn copper cat urn silver sleeping cat urn
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Our beautiful Sleeping Cat Urns are also offered to you with the option of a walnut or "pillow" base for them to rest on. The walnut base comes with the plaque on the front of the urn, while the pillow based urn can have the plaque on the back of the cat part of the urn, or on the bottom of the cat part of the urn, so that it is not seen at all. Some people like this option, as they like to keep the urn aspect of the sculpture "private".

Please send me an email if you would like this option in sterling silver for a price quote.

Each urn takes 6-8 weeks to create. I take payment by eCheck, Credit Card OR Paypal.

Please fill out the "custom name on urn" and click on "add to cart":

Sleeping Cat Pet Urn on Base
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To figure what size cat urn is appropriate for your cat, the weight specified is the maximum weight of your healthy cat before cremation which will fit inside the cat urns. As cremation procedures can vary, please allow for a bit of extra room in your urns.

Beautiful. Wonderful. Lovely. Amazing. Art as love. Love as art. Memories live on in our hearts always, but a reminder of the beauty of that love is never a bad thing.

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