Buttercup Cat Cremation Urn

Pet  Urn for your angel kitty

"Just a quick message to let you know that we received the urn today and it looks fantastic. We are really happy with it. Thanks so much - it is absolutely perfect and we couldn't have wished for better. Thanks again,"

I love this cat urn! I just made it for a special customer, but loved how it came out so much, that I am offering it to everyone. Of course you can add what customizations you like on our Customize Page, but I think this combination of features really stands on it's own in terms of kitty adorableness. This lovely urn comes with 4 paws, our 3-d whiskers, a long tail, and that adorable bow. Your kitty's name goes on the back. This is really one of our most adoraable urns to help you remember the sweetmess and cuteness of your cat.

Each urn takes 6-8 weeks to create. I take payment by eCheck, Credit Card OR Paypal.

Please fill out the "custom name on urn" and click on "add to cart":

3 1/2" urn (holds a pet that weighed up to 20 lbs.)=$247
Custom Name on Urn (up to 15 letters)

4" urn (holds a pet that weighed up to 30 lbs.)=$252
Custom Name on Urn (up to 15 letters)


To figure what size cat urn is appropriate for your cat, the weight specified is the maximum weight of your healthy cat before cremation which will fit inside the cremation urn. Please feel free to email or call me if you have any questions. As cremation procedures can vary, please allow for a bit of extra room in your urn.

It is so sad when our pet dies. My heart breaks every time I receive an order because I know the sorrow that is on the other side of the phone, or email. I am so sorry you have to go through this. But maybe, even just a tiny bit, I can help relieve you of some of that sorrow...

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