Artist Steve Shelby- brass pet cremation urns.

steve shelby pet urn artist

Contrabassoons. There is only one place that makes them in the U.S. And our artist Steve Shelby has had 23 years of experience of making them. Now his focus has transferred to art and sculpture and he brings his extraordinary skills to his work. He hand hammers his pieces from a single sheet of brass, slowly bringing up a form. Taking his creation to a depth and dimension that most people cannot even imagine when staring at a flat sheet of metal.

Steve Shelby combines his love for nature and metal in his new work. He focuses on natural forms that develop from the material itself. "I have made every effort to design with honesty, so that the design is a function of the way the piece is constructed. I don't follow any "movement", and pretty much ignore what other artists are doing. This way I know that my ideas are purely my own."

When you purchase a pet urn created by Steve Shelby, you are purchasing a sculpture that has been hammered thousands and thousands of times, to bring up the wonderful texture and shape of the urn. There is such skilled workmanship in every urn. All lovingly brought into the shape of a cat or dog.

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You can see more of Steve's work at Shelbyvision

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